Sales Enablement Benchmark Survey: Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Aligned?

February 14, 2018

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If your marketing team could show a measurable influence on sales wins, revenue growth, and overall profits for your company, would you do it? Of course you would.

Even if it means working closely with your sales team—collaborating at every stage of the customer journey? Most of us would still say yes, but many of us would be at a loss for how to engage with sales. It seems like working together should be a no-brainer, but that is not always the case since both teams are challenged every day to keep up with rapidly changing demands from both customers and internal clients.

Unfortunately, this means many sales and marketing teams have stopped talking to each other—and that is bad news for everyone. Solving the disconnect has become an imperative for many organizations. In fact, in 2017, CSO Insights reported an 81 percent increase in cost centers dedicated to sales enablement—all to support sales in a way that marketing and other departments used to do as part of the normal course of business.

 Sales Enablement Benchmark 2018

To improve alignment and truly enable a successful sales funnel, marketing and sales teams must identify what “alignment” actually looks like. Ask:

  •       Do sales and marketing agree completely on our go-to-market strategy?
  •       Do we agree on what the funnel needs?
  •       Do we even talk regularly?

As leaders, we need to ensure we are making strides toward recognizing growth through alignment, but you can’t measure improvement without a baseline.

To help companies establish that essential understanding, Refactored has teamed up with BMA Colorado to conduct our first Sales Enablement Benchmark survey.

The survey is live now; it’s short, but packed with a rich set of questions that will help you explore your own progress in sales enablement—and see how you measure up to other organizations across industries.

Take the Survey

3 Areas of Sales Enablement: Participate and Learn

Sales enablement can be a bit of a nebulous term, encompassing everything from content to onboarding. In the survey, we’re exploring explore how companies are doing in three specific areas:

  1.      Sales & Marketing Alignment (how well the teams work together)
  2.      Sales Empowerment (how well marketing provides what sales needs to be effective)
  3.      Demand Generation (how well marketing provides the types, quality, and quantity of leads that sales needs)

When you take just 7 minutes to complete the survey, you’ll get immediate insight into some of the questions you can be asking your teams now about their level of collaboration. The information from the full set of compiled data will be valuable for everyone.

Look for our announcement of the results in late February. If you participate, we’ll send the report to you as soon as it’s available (in mid-March).

All responses are anonymous—so your individual responses will not be shared with anyone.

Need a little more motivation? We’ll send the first 50 folks that complete the survey a $10 Amazon gift card just to sweeten the deal.

Ok all you marketing, sales, and sales enablement folks out there—let’s hear how you’re doing in sales enablement!

Take the 7-Minute Survey Now.

Help us help you to improve your sales enablement efforts!

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