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Latest white paper: Data-Driven B2B Lead Generation
In this white paper, Sandra Zoratti, consultant, speaker, author and CMO of Dispersive Technologies, and Rich Roberts, senior vice president of BusinessOnline, share with you how to create a data-driven lead generation approach that delivers revenue.

Denver, Colo. — Oct 27, 2014 —

data-drive B2B lead generation

The depth and breadth of information available to each of us, combined with the easy and instantaneous access to it, has created a tectonic shift in buyers who now self-educate. Today, this means that marketing’s role in lead generation – while completely altered from five years ago – is of paramount importance to successful customer acquisition. This new white paper shows how to create a data-driven lead generation approach that delivers revenue.

It’s Time to Rethink Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood on which most B2B businesses are built and sustained – but traditional techniques have become anemic when it comes to producing quality leads. According to BtoBonline, a whopping 70% of marketing budgets are currently allocated to new customer acquisition initiatives. While this underscores the importance of customer acquisition, IDC reports that a startling 61% of marketers find high-quality lead generation problematic.

There’s a valid reason for this gap: Techniques and approaches to lead generation have completely transformed in the last decade. With the explosion of digital channels, the abundance of information, the scarcity of attention and the buyer-in-control economy, it is imperative that marketers master new and effective ways to attract prospects. Only then will marketers be able to close the gap and remain viable and valuable to their CEOs and businesses. 

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