2017 Business Marketer of the Year Award

Greg Olson

Greg OlsonGreg Olson is Principal at GROWL, a Denver-based marketing and design agency that specializes in helping companies drive more revenue and results through the development of highly focused sales tools, strategic marketing and digital campaigns. Greg has worked in the B2B sales and marketing field for more than 20 years, in everything from industrial to healthcare to technology, and has a sincere passion for creating measurable strategies that can differentiate a B2B business.

Greg has also dedicated a great deal of time to the BMA both locally and nationally, currently serving on the BMA’s National Board of Advisors as the VP of Chapter Development for 10 years. Greg truly exemplifies why people join BMA, which is to connect and build relationships, and has been instrumental in helping many other members locally, and nationally, do the same.

Watch Greg Olson video on YouTubeGreg is a published author, and has contributed numerous thought leadership pieces on B2B marketing best practices to national publications. He is also an experienced speaker presenting to other non-profit industry associations, including Colorado Bio-Science Association, American Marketing Association, TIE Rockies, and Colorado Technology Association. Most recently he spoke at a national mobile marketing conference.

Outside of industry associations, Greg has contributed his expertise and time to Bike Denver, helping them to create partner programs that connect their strategy to local partners and government entities. He is passionate about the outdoors and volunteers many hours with the Colorado Mountain Club – assisting with marketing programs to generate awareness and sponsorship.

The people closest to Greg describe him as strategic, insightful, approachable and passionate. But, more importantly and personally, they note how authentically incredible a person he is – contributing his time, ear and expertise to countless colleagues that have over the years become close friends. And it would be a shame not to mention – Greg is the person that will undoubtedly always make you laugh out loud.

The MOTY video was produced by Global CVM.


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