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Nov 02, 2017

Meet Up with Lightning Talks at Pint Brother's Ale House

A networking opportunity for business-to-business marketing professionals to meet and get to know other BMA'ers who work (or live) near you.


Nov 08, 2017

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Getting Started

Learn to understand the language and the implications of AI, be able to speak cogently with your colleagues, and determine where to apply this innovative technology first.


Dec 13, 2017

Align or Die: Getting Marketing and Sales to Deliver Value for the Customer

Organizations in which sales and marketing are highly aligned, achieve ~32% annual revenue growth compared to a 7% deficit for the less aligned. (Aberdeen Group) But despite the fact that 80% of businesses recognize the benefits of greater alignment between sales and marketing, 40% still have no systems in place to unify the functions (Randstad). That fact is, without aligning sales and marketing within your organization, the company will fail to provide the value your customers deserve and will ultimately die!


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Aligning Sales & Marketing for Growth: A Conversation with Jill Rowley

Oct 4, 2017

Jill Rowley is a leader in social selling, demand generation, and digital sales transformation. She spent 20 years in Silicon Valley, which included bringing social selling to Eloqua and Oracle, before starting her advisory company three years ago. Here she shares her insights with BMA Colorado in an interview. Why does digital transformation matter to ...


B2B Use Cases in AR/VR

Sep 28, 2017

Cole Sandau is President and Founder of Optera. Cole’s passion is understanding how to effectively apply emerging technologies to complex communication problems. Over the past 4 years, Cole has focused on identifying commercial uses of AR/VR in the B2B and healthcare spaces. This has resulted in Cole being considered a nationally recognized leader in B2B ...


Why Your Personal Brand Defines Your Career: A Conversation with Expert Tamara McCleary

Aug 30, 2017

Building your personal brand is critical to career success today. In an interview with BMA Colorado, personal branding expert Tamara McCleary shares her insight into how marketers in all stages of their careers can more effectively align their brand with their career goals and manage it for success. How do you define personal brand? For ...


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