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"BMA CareerLink provided me with the stepping stone I needed to move into a forward-thinking organization that values marketing, both as a corporate discipline and as a business value driver. They also had a healthy appreciation of the BMA-Colorado organization and the skills I've sharpened as an active member. It was a perfect match." - Tom Kennedy, Digital Marketing & Communications Strategist, Digital Assets, Inc.

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Career Services connects B2B marketing professionals with businesses seeking qualified applicants.

Career Services provides BMA Colorado members extensive help with their job search.


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Dec 05, 2017

BMA Colorado Meetup with a Charitable twist

A networking opportunity for business-to-business marketing professionals to meet and get to know other BMA'ers who work (or live) near you.


Dec 13, 2017

Align or Die: Getting Marketing and Sales to Deliver Value for the Customer

Organizations in which sales and marketing are highly aligned, achieve ~32% annual revenue growth compared to a 7% deficit for the less aligned. (Aberdeen Group) But despite the fact that 80% of businesses recognize the benefits of greater alignment between sales and marketing, 40% still have no systems in place to unify the functions (Randstad). That fact is, without aligning sales and marketing within your organization, the company will fail to provide the value your customers deserve and will ultimately die!