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The 2016 Gold Key Awards

Hey Art Director - you, Project Manager, you too Copywriter - you did some great work in 2015. Let’s see it.

What about you Ms. VP of Marketing… and you, Mr. Brand Manager - isn’t it about time you reaped the rewards that go with great creative work? Besides the sales you generated! How about the accolades and peer recognition? That might be worth more than the quotas or goals you reached.

You produce your best work when you are inspired, passionate and creative - when you love what you do and why you're doing it. We all hope our work will produce great results, but will also inspire others. Did you get inspired in 2015? How passionate and creative were you? YOU TOLD US ABOUT IT!

Colorado Gold and all the winners were celebrated on April 22, 2016

Whether you're the top Art Director or Project Manager, CD or Copywriter, VP of Marketing or Brand Manager - we believe you should get the gold you deserve for your work.

Note: A sometimes overlooked eligibility for BMA's Gold Key entries is that work can be produced IN OR OUTSIDE of Colorado so long as the strategy or creative work was completed by a Colorado agency, company or company with a branch in Colorado. As long as you have a connection in Colorado somehow - you are eligible to Gold Key!

2016 Gold Key Winners

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Quit playing Farmville and enter your work! Here are 10 good reasons why:

  1. The BMA Gold Key Awards recognize the BEST in B2B marketing – and isn’t that what you do?
  2. If you enter the work you did for your boss or customer, their excellence (and yours) will be recognized by hundreds of their peers in B2B marketing....at the Museum of Nature & Science ballroom....swanky!
  3. Submitting your work is easy peasy – just complete our simple online form and attach a .pdf of your work.
  4. We spent hours researching and choosing our distinguished panel of judges – don’t let our time go to waste!
  5. You have 65 categories of excellence to choose from – including some new ones and even one for marketing entries that didn’t fit anywhere else.
  6. More than ever, your work needs to stand out and be recognized. The Gold Key awards are renowned across the Front Range for their excellence. And bonus - you don't have to be headquartered in Colorado. If you - or your agency - has any connections in Colorado - be it a satellite office, etc. - you are eligible to enter Colorado BMA's Gold Key Awards!
  7. We have an outstanding judges’ panel, so there won't be any debate whether your work "earned it."
  8. Let’s face it – what we do is HARD. B2B companies need more lovin' than B2C companies.
  9. This isn't a silly Web popularity contest based on click-fraud votes, so your outstanding work actually has a chance of winning. It's also not just about the creative and what looks good - it's about the strategy you put into it and the results you got! And isn't that what pays the bills?
  10. What have you got to lose? Submitting is easy. The awards program is cheap. The opportunity is huge. And the recognition is priceless.


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Apr 25, 2018

Sales Enablement Benchmarking Survey Webinar

This webinar will explore the 2018 Sales Enablement Benchmarking SurveyOnline and help teams to navigate their role and place on the sales enablement spectrum through: How marketing leaders like you are faring in three primary areas of sales enablement: Sales & Marketing Alignment, Sales Empowerment, and Demand Generation Where sales and marketing respondents agree—and disagree—and what such responses might mean for the state of sales enablement in your organization Action items you can take right now to raise your level of sales enablement and support revenue growth


Apr 26, 2018

Making the Shift from Lead-Centric B2B to Account Based Revenue

Calling all revenue change agents! Please join us and jumpstart your morning with coffee and breakfast in a casual-and-comfortable event designed specifically for revenue change agents who are leading transformation from lead-centric approaches to account-based revenue within their companies. By attending, you’ll take part in an interactive panel discussion with four revenue change agents like yourself. These are people who are leading, guiding and managing transformation themselves -- in the real world.  


May 04, 2018

BMA/AMA Gold Key Gala

The biggest marketing networking event of the year, this year's Gold Key Speakeasy is a 1920s themed party in a special partnership between the BMA and AMA Colorado chapters. In a show of unity, we invite all Colorado marketers to turn out to celebrate the best work of the last year while enjoying food catered by Occasions, Giggle Juice from the likes of Jagged Mountain Brewery and Infinite Monkey Theorem, the sweet sounds of DJ Erin Stereo.