Looking for qualified B2B marketing speakers to come to your group or organization to enrich your team’s development? BMA Colorado is proud to offer the following list of speakers covering the full spectrum of B2B topics. Contact our Executive Director, Derrol Moorhead, via email at [email protected], or by phone at (303) 607-9957; or contact the members directly to make arrangements to have a member speak to your group.

Are you a BMA member and want to be added to the speaker’s bureau? Contact Derrol via email or phone at (303) 607-9957. Provide your name, company and areas of expertise. A prepared presentation is very helpful.

Available Speakers

Sandra Zoratti 

Sandra Zoratti, CMO, The Marketer Network


[email protected]



  • Fact or Fiction: Is Data-Driven Marketing Working for B2B Companies?
  • Let's Talk! How to Effectively Engage the C-Suite
  • Marketing DNA: What Does It Take to be an Amazing Marketing Leader
  • How To Build an Industry Approach That Delivers Results
  • Industry Marketing That Creates Relevance, Engagement and Revenue -- Here's How To Do It

Ken Giffin, Corporate Path Leadership

[email protected]

  • Building A Better Team – How To Assess And Improve Team Dynamics
  • What Is Your Corporate Culture – And How You Can Easily Transform It
  • Marketing Team Transformation – How To Win In A New Competitive Environment
  • Data Driven Team Performance – Mapping Business And Personnel Goals Together
  • Dynamic Strategic Planning – Ensuring Your Business Goals Don’t Collect Dust On A Shelf
  • Marketing Performance Measurement – Finding The Barometers That Really Matter
Carla Johnson 

Carla Johnson, Type A Communications, and Author, "Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing"

[email protected]



  • Marketing 2020: Marketing’s Changing Role in B2B Organizations
  • Creating a Business-Driven Content Strategy
  • Creating Story-Driven Brand Experiences
  • Can’t We All Just Get Along? Marketing and Sales Alignment (for both marketing and sales teams)
  • Teaching the Choir to Sing: Inspiring and Empowering Employees to Create Remarkable Brand Experiences

Aaron Batte, Founder and President, Faction



Contact:  [email protected]


  • Demand Generation
  • Marketing Cloud Technologies
  • Why marketing automation is a MUST for any marketing department
  • How to use data to create ROI
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Finding the “RIGHT” leads (Lead Scoring/ Predictive Analytics)
  • Modern Marketing: Aligning Sales and Marketing together  

Charles H. Patti, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Daniels College of Business/University of Denver
Cox Professor of Customer Experience and Senior Fellow
[email protected]


  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) in the B2B Market
  • Adding Brand Value through CEM
  • CEM: Knowing Where You are on the CEM Maturity Curve
  • Measuring CEM Performance

Pam Watson Korbel, Chief Growth Officer, SmartGrowth, Inc.
[email protected]

  • How to grow and develop your Sales/Marketing team
  • More Money, Less Work, More Fun ™: 7 tips for revenue growth
  • Sales Management 201: Tips and Tricks for Today’s Selling Environment

Lauri Harrison, Product Manager, Towers Watson & Marketing Adjunct, Columbia University
[email protected]


  • Product Management and Marketing: Friends not Foes
  • Product-centric Marketing to Create and Deliver Value
  • Product Management, Product Marketing and Marketing Management - why the fusion of these roles is key to building products people love and are willing to pay for
  • Customer Experience and Engagement - Why Your Company Should Care

Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Principal, ANNUITAS, and author of Driving Demand
[email protected]

  • Moving from Tactical to Strategic, Buyer-Centric Demand Generation
  • What Marketing Automation Will Not Deliver:  Ensuring You Are Getting the Most Value from Your Technology
  • Getting the Most Value from Your Content By Creating Less
  • How to Develop Buyer-Centric Content That Drives Business Impact
  • Transforming B2B Marketing - Driving a Culture of Change to Make Marketing a Strategic Business Player
  • Selling to the Modern B2B Buyer:  What B2B Sales People Need to Know

Dr. Richard Leventhal, Professor of Marketing, Ashford University


[email protected]


  • Marketing for non-profit organizations
  • Marketing strategy
  • Direct marketing
  • Database marketing/strategy
  • B2B/B2C Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Services Marketing

Colleen Stanley, CEO, SalesLeadership, Inc.
(303) 708-1128


  • Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success – Connect With Customers And Get Results
  • Systematizing your sales department to  accelerate your revenues
  • Hiring Sales IQ and Sales EQ to create sustainable and predictable sales results
Jeremiah Fellows

Jeremiah Fellows, CEO, JW Fellows
[email protected]
(720) 219-4805


  • Sales 101: Structure and Mechanics to effectively manage a sales organization with predictable outcomes
  • The Future of Sales is to have sales people that behave more like film producers, focusing on finding the right projects and organizing both internal and external resources to make a client successful
  • Using Game Mechanics to build an active and engaged community
Bruce McDuffee

Bruce McDuffee, Principal, Marketing Knowledge for Industry (MKI)
[email protected]
(303) 505-8009


  • How to get started with an effective content marketing strategy designed to generate more leads
  • Content Marketing + Marketing Automation = more revenue

Monica Valdez, Sr. Director of E-Commerce, Gray Line Corporation
[email protected]
(303) 394-6920


  • You Want a Mobile App, Now What?
  • Landing Page Optimization: Turning website visitors into customers
  • Know Your Audience: Marketing to Techies
  • Enhance Your Social Media Presence: Reaching a Professional Audience and Winning Customers
  • Online Reputation Management: Turning Bad Reviews into Lemonade
  • Strategies for Building Local Online Visibility
Jim Kreinbrink

Jim Kreinbrink, President, HyperDog Media
[email protected] 
(720) 323-4165


  • Keyword Research Strategies
  • Increasing Visibility When No One Is Searching Search Marketing throughout the Buying Funnel
  • SEO and ROI
  • SEO and Web 2.0 Link Building
Jerry Sexton

Jerry Sexton, CBC, President, Sexton & Company
[email protected]
(303) 246-0366


  • Multimedia production management
  • DVD in a trade show environment
  • Marketing for the bio-medical industry
  • Making the web work for you
  • New media marketing
  • Videowalls in a trade show environment
  • Online education and training
Nick Yorchak Nick Yorchak, President, Big Footprint
[email protected] 

(303) 549-6259


  • Win the Online War with SEO
  • Utilizing Web Analytics to Guide Business Strategy
  • Measure & Monitor Social Media Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Blogging with Customers & Search Engine Rankings in Mind
  • Building Sticky Websites that Engage & Convert Users
Pecanne Eby

Pecanne Eby, MBA, Founder & Marketing Strategist, Brand Mentoring
[email protected]
(303) 748-8087


  • What is a Brand? And Do I Really Need One?
  • Avoiding the “Me Too” Brand Trap
  • How to Get Clear, Calm and Confident About Your Marketing
  • How to Get a Brand Reputation
  • Brand Boot Camp (don’t be afraid!)
Casey Demchak

Casey Demchak, Copywriter & Consultant
[email protected]
(303) 697-4793


  • Key Message Copy Platforms: The Secret Weapon To Increasing The Selling Power of B2B Marketing Materials

Author: "Essential Sales Writing Secrets"



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