Support from our many local businesses, organizations and individuals helps BMA Colorado offer the best in business-to-business marketing programs and services. We THANK and RECOGNIZE our trustees and sponsors for their commitment to our chapter. Please explore and support those who support BMA Colorado.

Current Trustees and Sponsors – Thank You!

Gold Trustee


Adestra is a 10 year old,  global ESP based in the UK.  We help companies make connections with their customers and prospects.  We’ve been sending emails to the US for our clients for quite some time, and now we have a salesforce based here.  Our interactive marketing software MessageFocus – email, mobile and social – is very robust, yet very user friendly and scalable.  It works for single brands or companies, but can easily accommodate multi-brand, multi-geo/location companies through our flexible Workspaces and definable user roles and permissions. 

Our reporting is extensible across a single or multiple Workspaces, and provides the performance insight you need to maximize results.

 What makes us different is that we know the best technology still needs a human touch to get the maximum results.  Customer support and service is at the heart of our business – we’re not just Software as a Service, we’re Software AND a Service.  We even give you online access directly to our Support Team via a link within MessageFocus, so you’re never more than 60 seconds away from someone who can see your Workspace and provide you the answers you need, when you need them.  That’s how we help make our clients successful.

2016-17 Gold Trustee


Demandbase is a Real-time Targeting and Personalization platform for B2B. Demandbase works by identifying the companies that are visiting a website, and then by making that insight actionable in your existing Marketing and Sales programs and technologies. Real-time identification means you can make targeting decisions as well as personalize the content or web experience based on otherwise unavailable attributes of the visitor, such as specific company, company size, number of employees, industry, or 1st party and CRM based attributes such as existing customers, strategic accounts, pipeline status, or even competitors. Demandbase offers Company-Targeted display advertising, website engagement and conversion modules, and CRM integration for a consistent view of accounts from spend to revenue.

Silver Trustee


WOW!  For over 100 years, Japs-Olson has been servicing the direct marketing industry.  We are a commercial printer specializing in direct mail and direct response production.  With over 25 presses (sheetfed and web);  20 lasers;  70 inserters (standard-stretch-jumbo), we can handle all of your direct mail projects.  Ask us how we can save money on your next direct marketing project!

BMA Colorado Education Partner

University of Denver, University College

Custom design a career-relevant master’s degree or add a new skill set with a graduate certificate at University College, the college of professional and continuing studies at the University of Denver—a top 100 university. Classes are offered 100% online, or evenings on campus to fit your schedule. Build your custom degree at

2017 Gold Key Media Sponsor

5280 Magazine

2017 Gold Key 18 Karat Sponsor


The 90octane approach is unconventional: be the catalyst that challenges status quo thinking and deliver strategic, opportunity-focused marketing. We’re on a mission to disrupt old models of marketing, and we’re creating strong client relationships in the process.

Using Top Pursuit Marketing, we help pinpoint your story to influence a key decision maker. Become a thought leader in a market where your brand is unknown. Or create brand ambassadors out of customers. Our unique approach turns marketing from an expense into an investment that generates a return.

2017 Gold Key 18 Karat Sponsor

All employment firms are not created equal. What makes Artisan Talent special is that we’ve combined the service of a boutique firm with the reach of a national creative staffing agency. Our specialty? Filling the digital, marketing, & creative staffing needs of major corporations, interactive agencies and small non-profits. We’re an award-winning creative staffing agency that loves matching skilled talent with the perfect creative, digital and marketing opportunity.

2017 Gold Key 24 Karat Sponsor


COHN is an award-winning, integrated agency that believes the strongest marketing and public relations strategies come from collaborative thinking and a spirit of working together to create breakthrough results.

We create solutions that drive your objectives, not ours. We are dedicated to solving challenges and creating brand value. We do this with our 35-person team of in-house specialists who integrate our services for client success.

Our approach is simple. We understand how to engage people, build visibility and drive activation, which together creates impactful results.

Our focus is building brands and causing results with a cross-channel, storytelling approach to communications. We go significantly beyond the traditional role of an “agency” by asking questions, providing solutions, and never, ever being just an “order taker.”

We are solution agnostic, so we tap into the right mix of specialists for each client. We develop customized client programs and long-term relationships that cross all disciplines by tapping our marketing, digital, creative, social and PR specialists.

2017 Gold Key Brew Sponsor

2017 Gold Key Experience Sponsor

2017 Gold Key Creative Sponsor

Gates Corporation

The World's Most Trusted Name in Belts, Hose and Hydraulics.

2017 Gold Key 14 Karat Sponsor


gyro is the first full-service, global creative B-to-B powerhouse. We are 700 minds in 17 offices acting as one.

The culture we’re creating at gyro is designed for one purpose: to bring creative minds together and set them free.

We know ideas can take any form, and any idea that can help our clients shine has to be nurtured and given life.

Everyone’s included, because at gyro, it’s everyone’s job to make it happen. To learn more about gyro, contact Mike Hensley at [email protected]

2017 Gold Key 18 Karat Sponsor

Hyper Dog Media

Denver SEO and Online Reputation Management Firm. We specialize in search engine optimization and provide consultation, web site audits, link building and other search marketing services to agencies (as a white label partner), small businesses, and enterprise marketing departments.

2017 Gold Key Title Sponsor

Look-Listen is the digital agency for leaders who "get it." For visionaries who get that collaboration, strategic imagination, and grit light up limitless possibilities. For brands that value the power of innovation, intelligence, and creativity. We are partners who use our passion for exploration to manifest the courage to build great things. 

We see ideas differently. We take a deeper look, listen more intently, finding the flow in the rhythm and the key changes of every great challenge. We use research, data, and expertise to cultivate the bravery that great ideas and bold innovations demand. Measuring their success and creating accountability is key to activating brands, inspiring loyalty, and growing businesses. 

When those great ideas happen, we don’t pat ourselves on the back—we work harder. We exist to transform innovative ideas into valuable and profound things. Together, we make ideas matter.

2017 Gold Key 14 Karat Sponsor

Paladin Recruiting & Staffing

We are a professional staffing and recruitment firm dedicated to the marketing, creative and communications professions. Within these specialties, Paladin is a trusted partner for direct-hire, contract-to-hire, and freelance recruitment. Each Paladin Account Manager has direct experience in the fields we serve, which allows us to provide highly personalized, effective and efficient service to clients and expert counsel to candidates.

2017 Gold Key 18 Karat Sponsor

Our mission is to help brands navigate the complexities of the modern marketing landscape by successfully aligning people, process, and technology – generating the results that matter to your business. We focus on simplifying overall strategy, but “simple” does not equate to easily won results. It means that we apply customized, repeatable processes to help organizations engage their customers with highly relevant and effective online experiences.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Design and Content Creation
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Kentico Development
  • Custom Integrations



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Nov 02, 2017

Meet Up with Lightning Talks at Pint Brother's Ale House

A networking opportunity for business-to-business marketing professionals to meet and get to know other BMA'ers who work (or live) near you.


Nov 08, 2017

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Getting Started

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Dec 13, 2017

Align or Die: Getting Marketing and Sales to Deliver Value for the Customer

Organizations in which sales and marketing are highly aligned, achieve ~32% annual revenue growth compared to a 7% deficit for the less aligned. (Aberdeen Group) But despite the fact that 80% of businesses recognize the benefits of greater alignment between sales and marketing, 40% still have no systems in place to unify the functions (Randstad). That fact is, without aligning sales and marketing within your organization, the company will fail to provide the value your customers deserve and will ultimately die!