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4Gen: Generational Influences on Organizational Culture

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This highly interactive workshop is designed to explore the societal and historical influences that shape how each generation influences today's organizational culture. Participants explore current themes in organizational dynamics and leadership while considering trends for the future.

An organization's culture is highly complex and impacted by multiple dynamic factors, including multiple generations at work. Each generation developed its perspective toward leadership, communication, technology and professional goals differently and these drive how we interact with each other. Through this workshop, we discuss the historical and societal influences that shape these perspectives and in turn how they drivebusiness culture.

We will focus on creating an awareness of the influence each generation provides in the workplace and an awareness of appropriate strategies for understanding others and communicating with them. Specifically, participants will leave with:

  • an understanding ofspecific challenges or conflict within their organization from a new perspective;
  • strategies for leading teams based on the generational makeup;
  • strategies for retaining top Gen X and Millennial talent;


Nathan Lindsay
Partner at Syntuity Supported by graduate work in organizational development and counseling psychology, Nathan has worked for over 15 years to understand the human element of business.  Blending humor with data, anecdotes with science, and theory with practical application, Nathan leads highly interactive sessions that challenge participants to adjust the filters through which they see the world and how they build and maintain effective relationships.  He has worked with clients in local advertising, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, business services, hospitality and retail.  A former adjunct faculty member of Graceland University, Nathan is certified to facilitate multiple FranklinCovey workshops and is a certified leadership coach through Purdue University.

[email protected]

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 3:30 pm - soft opening and structured networking; 4-5:30 pm - presentation and case studies


EKS&H;, Oxford Room, 7979 E. Tufts Ave., Denver, CO 80237

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Deadline: 8/18/2014
Maximum Attendees: 50