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Using Marketing Automation to Create a “Leak-Free” Sales Pipeline

Only a small percentage of leads in the pipeline are "hot" leads that are ready to do business in the immediate future. The leads that are not hot, the vast majority, will buy what you sell in the future but are largely ignored due to limited time and resources. This lost opportunity is where many sales pipelines leak quality leads. Marketing automation closes those leaks by automating the processNetResults logo of listening to prospects and delivering one-to-one attention to each lead, the same kind of one-to-one attention the "hot" leads receive every day.

  • Learn how to identify prospects who are moving toward the "hot" end of your pipeline
  • Understand how lead nurturing builds recognition and keeps your company top-of-mind
  • Know how to leverage this emerging technology to your advantage


Michael Ward
Founder & CEO, Net-Results Marketing Automation As an experienced software developer, sales professional, database architect and internet marketer, Michael Ward is the visionary behind the Net-Results Marketing Automation platform. He envisioned the concept for Net-Results in 2003, determined to create a robust demand generation platform for today's over-burdened marketing professionals. A frequent speaker, Michael consistently shares his knowledge with marketers and business leaders.

Michael grew up in Ohio where he studied geology and chemistry in college. While building his professional acumen he gained experience in financial planning, IT management and consulting before founding Net-Results. Michael enjoys mountain biking, ice hockey and snowboarding. He is married with five year old twins.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010 7:30 am – 9:00 am


The Capitol Hill Mansion
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