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Junior Achievement In-A-Day

BMA Colorado is sponsoring our fifth JA In-A-Day program this spring. We're looking for 10 volunteer teachers for Friday, May 16 at Whitter Elementary (2480 Downing, just outside downtown).

You can volunteer by contacting Marcus Durante.

About Junior Achievement

Much like BMA, Junior Achievement is a national organization with a flagship chapter located right here in Colorado. Their mission is “to inspire and prepare young people to embrace free enterprise and succeed in a global economy”. It’s really a perfect complement to our own “Learn it today. Do it tomorrow.”

JA lines up business professionals to teach work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship to school aged kids (K – 12). They are very fun, engaging and easy turnkey programs. There’s a good 3 minute video on the JA Colorado website:

Three additional facts about JA’s Colorado impact last year:

  • 100,000 students attended 500 schools throughout metro Denver
  • 3,400 business volunteerspartnered with 3,500 teachers
  • 75+ companies had a major volunteer involvement

JA In-A-Day for Whitter Elementary

You’ll be one of 10 BMA Colorado volunteers supporting this JA In-A-Day program. On Friday, May 16th, we’ll be taking over Whitter Elementary and teaching 5 classes for an entire day. That’s 10 volunteers to teach a total of 4 classrooms. It’s going to be another incredible experience.

Here’s how it will work:

  • On Thurs, May 1st at 3 pm, there’ll be a 1 hour training session at Junior Achievement’s downtown office.
  • On Friday, May 16th, we’ll teach classes at Whitter Elementary School.
  • 2 BMA members will “tag-team” teach each classroom from 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM.
  • It works out to 6 JA lessons packed into a day, plus breakfast, lunch and recess.
  • We’ll have a post-teaching cocktail reception to celebrate and network.

Here’s the address and additional information on our school:

Whitter Elementary School; 2480 Downing St; Denver, CO 80205

Click here for a map.

Interested in being one of our volunteer teachers? Please contact Marcus!

Friday, May 16, 2014 7:45 am - 2:30 pm


Whitter Elementary School, 2480 Downing St, Denver 80205

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