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BMA Y-Peanut Butter:Local Startups, Entrepreneurs, & Jelly

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Who is Behind PB Love?

Mario is 'Head Nut', and makes the PB Love Peanut Butter product taste amazing. Andy is 'Co­co Nut', and makes their products look amazing.

The PB Love story (no pun intended) goes a little like this....

Mario turned into a ridiculous foodie and began developing magical food creations in his 'science lab' kitchen. Andy's creative special powers sprung in all directions and he began creating art in music, song writing, performance, advertising, design, and who knows what else.

They became friends, ­brought together by others who lived their dreams, and did their work. Then, one day, the Foodie asked the Artist, "What do you think about making some stupid awesome jobs for ourselves and others, and we get to do whatever we want?" The Artist replied, "OK, I'm down." And the greatest nut butter company that ever lived was born...PB Love!

What are they doing, and how are they doing it? (And why is it the coolest nut butter company you've ever heard of?)

The goal of PB Love is to grow and evolve real food production as a company, and as individuals. Their business practices are simple and creative, with a fun, traditional approach.

Join the BMA YPs as we get an exclusive one-on-one to meet the brains behind the nut butter and get insight into the life of an entrepreneur and the start-up culture in Denver.

Check them out at:

Thursday, March 31, 2016 5:30 PM MST - 3/31/2016


2500 Larimer St #201, Denver, CO 80205

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Deadline: 3/30/3016
Maximum Attendees: 15