Member Only Seminar: Becoming the Milkshake—Connecting with Your Next Employer

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Got an awesome resume that isn’t turning into phone calls, interviews and offers?

Wondering why?

If you're like most job seekers in the throes of an arduous search, you may have unknowingly overlooked a critical step in the search process. Sure, you’ve compiled an outstanding resume that highlights your many accomplishments, but perhaps you skipped the all-important step and it may be costing you dearly.

That step is built on basic marketing principles you already know—understanding your product, understanding your buyer’s needs and fostering the connection between the two.

But even the best marketer can stumble when marketing themselves – somehow it’s just easier to market something if you’re not in your own head. So if you’re feeling discouraged or disheartened as you look for your next job, join us this member-only event: Becoming the Milkshake—Connecting with your Next Employer.

Scott Birkhead, President of The Most Placeable Candidate, will share the story of fast-food restaurant that tried two marketing approaches to increase milkshake sales. One was successful and one not. The two approaches reveal valuable lessons that job seekers can apply as a means to land your next job by rising above the noise.

In this class, Birkhead will help reinvigorate your job search through the following topics:

  • Discover which “tried and true” job search methods may actually be killing your chances of landing a job that will allow you to thrive
  • Uncover and articulate your ideal client so you can speak to them clearly
  • Learn when and why it’s OK to say “no” to job ads and actually produce more interviews
  • Review a real-world example to show you how to identify the distinctive and personal value of YOU and turn you into an ideal job candidate for someone who needs what you’re selling

If you’re currently looking for a new job, or even if you anticipate making a job change sometime over the next few years, this is your opportunity to learn how to position yourself for your next move.

Thursday, November 5, 2009
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Gates Corporation first floor conference room (by security desk)
1551 Wewatta St., Denver, CO 80202-6173

NOTE: There are only 25 seats available for this seminar, so register early!

Email Marilee Yorchak by Tuesday, November 3rd


Scott Birkhead
President, Most Placeable Candidate Scott Birkhead has more than 15 years and 724 hires under his belt in corporate, for-fee and consulting recruiting roles. He’s spent the last five years learning basic buyer motivation and direct-marketing methods. Two years ago, Birkhead founded Most Placeable Candidate, in which he uses his recruiting and marketing expertise and knowledge in one-on-one coaching and small-group training programs that allows job seekers get back to work more quickly.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm


Gates Corporation, 1st floor conference room, 1551 Wewatta St., Denver, 80202

2-hour metered street parking available
Free street parking available north on Wewatta Street

NOTE: There are only 25 seats available for this seminar, so register early!

Email Marilee Yorchak by Tuesday, November 3rd

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