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Creating Print Ready PDFs: Essential Techniques

What you don’t know really can cost you!

Studies show that our brains prefer identifiable brands. Matching your brand’s colors, fonts and overall design concept plays an important role in communicating your company’s personality (think of Apple’s love of white to communicate their passion for making products with clean, simple designs). In the marketing world we painstakingly pour our hearts into our designs and concepts, meticulously going over every detail.

What happens on the front end when preparing files for print will determine the final outcome. So why leave it up to chance when creating print files - potentially leading to added costs and that dreaded “this isn’t what I wanted” moment. Adding to this, to meet quicker go-to-market demands printers are bypassing native applications files (that require several hands to process) for simpler PDF (Portable File Format) files.

In this interactive roundtable, Don Gordon of Vision Graphics will walk you through the essential techniques of creating print ready PDFs that will ensure you get the results you and your clients expect. Leave this event with marketable knowledge and the peace of mind that comes with knowing how to correctly submit your files!Join us for:

  • Step-by-step demonstration of how to create print ready PDFs
  • Tips on how to tell the differences between a bad file and a good file
  • Roundtable discussion with other designers

All roundtable participants will receive a complimentary printed copy of a how-to-guide, courtesy of Vision Graphics.


Don Gordon
Premedia Manager, Vision Graphics For over 30 years, Don Gordon has been working in the pre-press environment for large commercial printers helping designers and marketing departments create print ready files that showcase their masterpieces the way they intended them to look. The How-to-Guide was born out of Vision Graphics' passion to help the design community and creative staff understand how to create PDFs that will flow quickly and smoothly through the print production workflow and allow you to enjoy the benefits of saving time and money with less headaches and frustration.

Thursday, February 27, 2014 7:30am-9:00am


History Colorado Museum, 1200 Broadway, Denver 80203

Third floor board room (enter through main doors and follow signage to elevators to the third floor)

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  • BMA Members: $15
  • Not-yet BMA Member: $30


Deadline: 2/26/2014
Maximum Attendees: 25

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