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Content + Social - The B-to-B Dynamic Duo for Modern Marketing Success

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As a member of BMA-Colorado, we believe you deserve exclusive access to intelligence, networking, training and resources that will help you create better strategy and perform more effectively in order to drive change, build a competitive advantage and achieve stronger results. One way that BMA Colorado delivers additional value to our members is through member-only events. Our members average 15 years of industry experience; you have paid your dues, now it's time to reap the rewards. There are never any fees for member-only events. Simply register in advance online (don't procrastinate - we fill most of the Members Only Workshops quickly).

In this powerful workshop by an international leader you can learn how building the strategic framework of a great content marketing plan combined with the outlet of a well-executed (and measured) social media campaign drive exponential ROI. This program covers case studies of world class brands like Cisco, SAP, Intel and more showing how they used this formula for dramatic results.

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Note: This seminar qualifies for 2 credits toward the 10 credit BMA Colorado/OMI B2B Social Media Certification program (your elective requirements). Learn more about the B2B Social Media Certification program here.


Aaron Kahlow
Founder, Online Marketing Institute

After selling the Online Marking Summit (OMS) event company in 2011, Aaron is now leading the charge of his newest venture, the Online Marketing Institute - the leading eLearning platform and training destination for digital marketing education.

 Kahlow is one of the most recognized thought leaders in the digital marketing and social media space.  Having founded, funded and built three prolific and highly profitable digital marketing companies, Kahlow has delivered hundreds of marquee keynote speeches around the world.  As a speaker, Kahlow is known for his inspirational style and plain-spoken nature where audience always walk away feeling both motivated and educated.  Aaron is a leading educator translating online marketing technology jargon into simple marketing and business terms.  He is a recognized author, columnist and authority on social media marketing, sales and marketing integration, demand generation, business-to-business marketing, search marketing, usability, analytics and digital marketing strategy.

Named Metropolitan Magazine's "Top 40 Entrepreneurs under the Age of 40," Kahlow is also well known for his endless energy as an entrepreneur.  Today he lives in San Francisco and works on the global expansion of "Teaching the World Digital" in his eLearning technology venture.  Facebook and LinkedIn are his preferred places to connect.

[email protected]

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 3:30-5:30 pm


EKS&H;, 7979 E. Tufts (Oxford Room, first floor), Denver, CO 80237

3:30 pm - registration and structured networking

4 -5:30 pm - speaker presentation

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