Tap into the Hidden Reservoir of Work: New Self Marketing Techniques for Job Seekers

Seminar Job SeekersYes, 2.5 million people were laid off in January, but 3.3 million were hired!

From 1945 to 2007, the NBER has identified 11 recessions. The longest was less than two years.

But things will not return to normal. Are you ready for the new world of work?

Many of the best opportunities are not being advertised. Companies don't want to be flooded with resumes. They want one person who stands out. Learn how people are getting in, and the roles they are taking on in order to jump to bigger opportunities.

Join BMA Colorado member Sue Kunimune, executive recruiter, as she presents the third program in her job seeker workshop series. Sue is equipped with real-life stories from people who took control, got innovative, and stepped beyond the "in-between times". They found something that others didn't have: courage and their next great career opportunity.

If you are between business cards, or feeling like your job search is stagnant, attend this workshop. This will be just what you need to get back on course, recharged and excited.

As a recruiting strategist, Sue works with clients to identify stellar candidates for their job opportunities. She has 20 years of broad experience in all aspects of staffing, training, career search methodologies and business development. In 2008 Sue’s articles and workshops have appeared in the Denver Business Journal and the Marketing and Advertising Review. She is a respected presenter at the Business Marketing Association. (Having received one of the highest ratings of any workshop in 2008).

What Sue will cover in this workshop:

  • Is Your Network Working for You? Face to Face and Online Strategies that count
  • New Guidelines for Relationship Building – What are your connectors saying about you?
  • How to Differentiate yourself and Grab People’s Attention (and it isn’t a resume!)
  • What your message says about you? Talking Your Talk – Even If You Think No One is Listening (The Power of the Message)
  • Reposition yourself to be successful in the eyes of the hiring manager or recruiter
  • Navigating Uncharted Waters -when 90% of the jobs aren’t advertised
  • Getting to Yes – Overcoming Obstacles

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 8:15 am - 11:15 am

Location (1391 Speer Blvd, #850, Denver, CO 80204)

Price: $59.00 (BMA members will get a $10 discount on this workshop)

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