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Leading In A Social World

What matters isn’t technical capital. It’s social capital.

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Managers of brands and reputations must think of themselves as leaders. After all, doesn’t a great brand or reputation do what a leader does? Inspire people to take action? Buy, vote, refer, hire.

Never before in our history have the tools leaders use to inspire been so ubiquitous. Yet these very tools have fundamentally changed the way we connect and communicate. Leaders, then, must fundamentally change the way they engage in our new social, connected world.

Audiences come away from Leading in a Social World with a new framework within which to build a sustainable social web approach, one that is relevant to your strategic context. You’ll transform your thinking about the way by which you need to lead, not confused about the technology or depressed that you aren’t using it.

Leading in a Social World isn’t your typical social media presentation. It won’t show you how to set up a Twitter account. It won’t instruct you how to write compelling Facebook updates. It isn’t about tactics that may or may not align with your strategic context.

It instead focuses on the leadership acumen required to be successful in today’s social, connected world. It’s about the foundation of successful leadership in this reality: building social capital.

Leading in a Social World uncovers the principles of building social capital—the strategic context behind what drives the social web. It includes stories of people and enterprises who’ve built—or haven’t built—social capital, and highlights of leadership studies that help us understand how to frame and develop our leadership acumen for this new world.


Aaron Templar

Aaron loves to present and facilitate. And it comes through. Building bridges between people and ideas. Igniting new moments of understanding. Finding the simple side of complexity.

He cut his professional teeth at Quark, Inc. where he eventually became a technical trainer. In this capacity he presented and trained some of the world’s leading advertising and creative agencies. Imagine demoing the latest print and multimedia design software during a time when Quark ruled this universe in front of huge trade show crowds. He trained these same audiences on topics related to print and multimedia design and production workflow.

Today Aaron presents as a keynote speaker, teaches and presents in business school classes, sits on panels, and facilitates workshops on the topics of the social web, branding, the creative mind, and marketing and communication.

Perhaps his most popular presentation is Leading in a Social World; an unexpected look at social media through the lens of leadership and strategy instead of tools and tactics.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 3.00 - 4.30pm


University of Denver Campus

Joy Burns Center
Room 231
2044 East Evans Ave.
Denver, CO 80208

Please park in the parking garage on the SE corner of Evans and High Street.  Visitor Parking is $1.50 per hour. 

Email Marilee to make a reservation for this no charge member-only event.

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