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September Roundtable: Creative inspiration when producing B to B video content

Looking for some creative inspiration? Do you enjoy a blank canvas and brainstorming from scratch? Aspire to be like Don Draper in front of your coworkers? Of course you do!

It’s no surprise that video is a powerful means of communication. Image Brew Founder and CEO Benjamin Jones will drink so much coffee with you that you’ll be dancing by 8AM. Joking. As commercial filmmakers, our team is always presented with unique client goals that can seem like challenging problems to solve with video. However, our mission is to constantly strive to create the most creative outcome possible while focusing on storytelling and ROI. Through an interactive discussion, we’ll invite you into our thought process with three distinct case studies, explaining how we develop unique videos that achieve our clients goals and are entertaining and fun to watch.

Key takeaways for this roundtable (most of our tables are square actually) include:

  • Be more confident when creative brainstorming for video
  • If we focus on good storytelling, the rest comes naturally
  • Learn tips on how to produce a video that’s better than the other guy
  • The key questions to ask yourself before producing a video
  • Have an inspiring morning in a video production studio!

About the roundtables:

The BMA roundtables provide an opportunity for you to meet with your peers and learn in a casual, relaxed environment different from your typical roundtable events. Each roundtable kicks off at 7:30 a.m. during which you’ll enjoy breakfast and networking and then at 8 a.m. sharp, the interactive presentation kicks off. During the presentation, questions and interaction with the presenter will be encouraged.


Benjamin Jones
Director and Founder, Imagebrew Benjamin Jones is a creative director and cinematographer who transformed his passion for filmmaking into a successful business.  Ben and his team have cultivated relationships with top-tier clients, including Amazon Studios, Shimano, DaVita, Water for People, Dish Network, Level 3 Communications and Illegal Pete’s since the company’s launch in 2006.  Image Brew is a full service creative production company that produces branded commercial content as well as original programming.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014 7:30am to 9:30am


Image Brew, 1100 W. 38th Avenue Denver, CO 80211 (free parking on Jason Street between 38th and 37th)

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  • BMA Members: $15
  • Not-yet BMA Member: $30


Deadline: 9/24/2014
Maximum Attendees: 25