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The Everywhere Market - B2B in a Global World


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NOTE: This seminar is the previously rescheduled seminar from January 16. Same speaker, same topic - just different date and different location. Contact Marilee if you have questions.

Commercial buyers around the world differ by more than language. Culture, buying practices, and legal frameworks differ. So - how do you maximize revenue when the potential audience grows to compass every buyer around the world?

David Ashton, VP of Global Business Consulting for SDL, will share new discoveries about The Everywhere Market. So fluid are global dynamics at this point in history that the rules of marketing are being rewritten as we speak. Today every B2C and every B2B buyer is a legimate target. Much time has been spent helping B2C players understand and target their audience, but in the B2B world, there isn't as much research and help. And companies need to understand how business buyers buy - whether they are buying in Boise, Beijing or Budapest.

Traditionally, companies have focused primarily on taking a customer experience that has worked domestically and have translated that experience for a foreign audience. Let's discover together how to best reach that everywhere market of B2B buyers.


David Ashton
VP, Global Business Consulting, SDL David Ashton works with companies to help them expand their global footprint. Tackling global markets is something to take seriously and should never be an adjunct to a domestic market strategy. He passionately drives that message whether in public speaking, or in advisory sessions with clients.

Central to capitalizing on global markets is understanding the mind of the person behind every transaction, wherever they live. David is an expert on the rapidly evolving ways customers and brands intertwine. Because of that, much of his time helping clients evolve their business model to account for the way the cyber-social evolution impacts the way business interact with customer. Yesterday’s Facebook-Friend, is today’s brand-influencer whether we want that to be the case or not. His skill is not just in explaining the new patterns of customer behavior that technology convergence brings; but in how business can detect and capitalize on those patterns.

David guides business leaders through continual disruptive change and how to prepare their business for a ubiquitous marketplace where language and cultural preference is merely a critical element of personalization. His keynote presentations provide the audience with a provocative, educational and entertaining front row seat as near-future technology and sociological evolution collide. His advisory work with business leaders provides a collaborative environment where his insights drive disruptive change in the way business market and sell to a global audience.

Thursday, February 7, 2013 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Denver Center for the Performing Arts Administrative Offices, August Wilson Room (1st Floor)

1101 13th St.  Denver, CO 80204(corner of Arapahoe & 13th Street) - red brick building

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Deadline: 2/6/2013
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