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StrengthsFinder: How to Maximize Your Greatest Investment

Did you know. . .

Only 30% of employees are engaged at work? Employees who use their natural strengths daily are six times as likely to be engaged?

Most people don’t have the opportunity to do what they do best every day. From the cradle to the cubicle, we spend more time fixing our shortcomings than developing our assets. But StrengthsFinder® changes that by carefully defining your—and your team’s—strengths, which leads to more engagement, effective collaboration, greater performance and higher profits. People are our greatest investment, so why not maximize ROI?

Organization Benefits

  • Boost company productivity and profits
  • Eliminate inefficiencies by matching talent to task, role and department
  • Increase employee engagement, potential, satisfaction and retention
  • Improve collaboration through better colleague understanding

Individual Benefits

  • Enhance interview performance by showcasing competencies
  • Inform small business outsourcing decisions
  • Make confident and successful career moves
  • Stop battling weaknesses and focus on your strengths

Important Note to Participants

Prior to the seminar, we'll send all registered participants an access code. You'll then have two full days to take the test. Be sure to bring your results with you to the seminar!

"The StrengthsFinder program has great potential for promoting personal development journeys. Uncovering and understanding your strengths helps you achieve success in previously unrecognized areas and minimizes the frustrating pattern of trying to improve your weaknesses."

Gina Williams, Marketing Manager, and BMA Colorado Member

BUNDLE PACKAGE! Attend both the luncheon keynote on Customer-Centric Sales & Marketing Pipeline and the StrengthsFinders Seminar and save $$$!


Paul Allen
Strengths Evangelist

Paul Allen, Gallup's Strengths Evangelist, is dedicated to taking the Clifton StrengthsFinder to the world. His mission is twofold: to find executives and corporations that want to build strengths-based organizations and to develop thousands of coaches who can help boost engagement, productivity, and profits by enabling individuals and teams to "soar with their strengths."

Prior to joining Gallup, Paul started several software and internet-based businesses during a 22-year career as an entrepreneur. Paul co-founded in 1997 and was its first CEO. As the company grew, he took on the role of vice president of marketing, managing all the online marketing channels. More recently, Paul founded FamilyLink, which developed a Facebook application called "We're Related." This app enabled people to find relatives on Facebook and build a family tree, and it quickly attracted 80 million users.

Paul received his bachelor's degree in Russian from Brigham Young University. He and his wife, Christy, live in Falls Church, Virginia, with four of their eight children.

About Don Clifton, StrengthsFinder Founder
In 1952, as a graduate student, Don Clifton looked around at psychology’s hyper focus on deficits and illness and wondered, "What would happen if we actually studied what is right with people" This question, still provocative today, became his life's work. Studying top performers across multiple roles led to practical applications on strengths development, employee selection, employee engagement, management, leadership and eventually the Clifton StrengthsFinder. An educator, thought leader, inventor, and entrepreneur, Clifton is remembered for his unusual ability to bring out the best in people and help individuals and organizations achieve outstanding results.

Thursday, December 5, 2013 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Burns Marketing, 1444 Wazee St, Ste. 222, Denver 80204

Note: Limited parking available. Plan accordingly.

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  • BMA Members - Seminar: $99
  • Not-yet Members - Seminar: $129
  • BMA Members - Lunch & Seminar Package: $125
  • Not-yet Members - Luncheon & Seminar Package: $155


Deadline: 12/2/2013
Maximum Attendees: 25

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