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Advice from The Top - The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing

Advice from The Top - The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing

In a world awash with marketing-management books, Advice From the Top: The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing stands out as a most useful addition. BMA Colorado has done business marketers worldwide a huge service by marshalling the diverse voices and thinking of so many marketing experts — from leading academics to in-the-trenches corporate marketers to senior agency executives and seasoned consultants. It is a book to read, share, re-read, scribble on, Tweet and blog about, read aloud to others, share with clients and staff, and sleep on.

By unleashing the best thinking of 24 regional experts with corporate, agency, consulting and related backgrounds, BMA Colorado has created a soup-to-nuts handbook that should be in the library of every B2B marketer — not just in Colorado, but the rest of the U.S. and beyond.

This book is designed to give you a “leg up” to the next level of your marketing career and to serve as a catalyst for new ideas and creative solutions to today’s many marketing challenges.

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