Congratulations to previous Business Marketer of the Year recipients. Your outstanding contributions and service to BMA Colorado and B2B marketing is exceptional.

2016: Meg VanderLaan

2015: Anthony Christie

2014: Sherri Leopard

2013: Mark Grindeland

2012: Sandra Zoratti

2011: Sam Eidson

2010: Christine Cook, PRC

2009: Viki Mann, CBC

2008: Rich Carvill, CBC

2007: Chris McGary, CBC

2006: Marilee Yorchak, CAE

2005: Michael Brandt, CBC

2004: Betty Cundy, CBC

2003: Pam Giordano, CBC

2002: Michael Burke, CBC

2001: Karen Sutherland

2000: Rip Ripley, CBC

1999: Ken Custer

1998: Tom Costner, CBC

1997: Jay Marks, CBC

1996: Michael Menaker, CBC

1995: Stephen Straight, CBC

1994: Bob Schaller, CBC

1993: Tom Ratty, CBC

1992: Jane Baumhardt, CBC

1991: Bill Walsh, CBC

1990: Al Ross, CBC (deceased)

1989: Tom Hagan, CBC

1988: Jim McCoy, CBC

1987: Larry Hennesy, CBC

1986: Harry Doyle, CBC (deceased)

1985: Bob Feeney, CBC (deceased)


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Mar 14, 2017

2017 Call for Gold Key Entries

Submit for the BMA 2017 Gold Key Awards, inspire others with your great work from this past year, and maybe even take home some real gold* hardware at the end of the night.


Mar 23, 2017

Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want

Morning Brew: Research shows that acting from a formal Win/Loss program can improve business win rates 15 - 30 percent.


Mar 28, 2017

The Sky Is Falling--Should You Talk About It

Evening Brew: In crisis communications and media relations, how do you differentiate when your brand needs to speak up or "STFU."