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The 2013 BMA Colorado Gold Key Awards

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2013 Gold Key Awards in the Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for Performing Arts

We produce our best work when we are inspired, passionate, and creative -- when we love what we do and why we're doing it. We all hope that not only will our work produce great results, but that it will also inspire others. Winners of the 2013 Gold Key Awards will be sharing their best work from 2012 with the Colorado business community.

Join us to honor the 2013 Gold Key winners at this celebratory banquet with:

  • Great networking (250+ attendees expected)
  • All entries on display - see what B2B work is being produced in Colorado
  • Gourmet sit-down dinner
  • Short - but fun - awards ceremony with MC Greg Moody of CBS4
  • Incredible after-party

It's the party of the year for BMA and the B2B marketing community!


Individuals: $95

Corporate Tables for Ten: $900 (please provide Marilee Yorchak at [email protected] with a list of attendees)

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Greg Moody
CBS4 Critic at Large and 2013 Gold Key Gala Master of Ceremonies

Critic at Large Greg Moody was born in a Conestoga wagon on the eastern plains of Colorado in 1861. He is the son of General John Moody, Grand Exalted Poobah of the Order of Donuts, and Myrna Hatchfield, a sweet young girl heading West for her health. The story of what happened to this fearless pioneering family upon arriving in the Colorado territory will have you on the edge of your thumbs. Read about it in the new book, “Cast Up by the Sea — or — Thrown Up on the Beach.”

Moody sporadically attended various primary schools, majoring in lunch and obnoxious classroom behavior. He then attended Plainwell High School, the only high school in the nation made completely from Lincoln Logs and blocks of Strontium 90.

Following his expulsion from high school, twenty minutes into his high school graduation ceremony, Moody attended Western Michigan University, as an honor student in the Golden Goebel School of Pilsner Studies and Lawn Sleeping.

Moving on to New York City, Moody worked as an actor in a professional company of Godspell, a stand up comic, stock room boy, dresser for the cast of “Oh, Calcutta” and messenger boy for American Express Travel Services, where he regularly delivered airline tickets to CBS-TV and drew a mustache on Dan Rather’s photo.

In 1975, Moody made the natural show biz career move, jumping from a burgeoning stock room boy career in the Big Apple to a hospital orderly job in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After winning the love of his patients and doctors with his bedside manner and refusal to hold patients in position for X-Rays while the doctors stood behind lead shields, he was lured away from the medical profession by an All News Radio Station, the signal of which never left its own parking lot.

Moody’s performance as Grand Rapids’ Critic at Large won raving notices from local arts groups. The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre and Grand Rapids Civic Ballet still hate his guts. Especially the Civic Theatre, which still smarts from his comments concerning their production of “South Pacific”: “You hope the Japanese soon invade this island” — and– “If Nellie Forbush flaps her arms any more, she might just fly away, which, as I think of it, is not a bad idea.”

To this day, Moody is not allowed, by law, to fly into the city of Grand Rapids.

He then went on to be Critic at Large in Milwaukee radio, and then, after a surprise format change to country music, which did not require an on staff Critic at Large, to the job of TV/Radio Columnist for The Milwaukee Sentinel.

Moody’s six-day-a-week prize winning column of blistering social commentary and general nonsense at the Sentinel got him noticed in Milwaukee TV. He was hired away by WITI (CBS) in 1981, mainly in an attempt to shut him up. He then spent five years working as a Greg-Of-All-Trades with no set job description, although he showed a rare talent for putting For Sale signs on every open desk in the building, including that of the General Manager, which led, oddly enough, to his next job:

In 1986, Moody moved to KUSA-TV in Denver as Critic at Large, before putting one over on management here and bringing his act to CBS4 in 1988. In his 21 years at CBS4, Moody has won 14 regional Emmy awards for commentary and writing in subjects ranging from movies to TV, newspapers to books, Hollywood history to journalistic ethics, a subject about which he knows little or nothing. Recently, The Broadway League, a group of theater honchos and various hangers-on in New York City, awarded Moody the “Star of Touring Broadway” award for his coverage of Touring Broadway Productions in the Denver market. Usually, this award goes to people who donate a lot of money to theaters. Moody, sadly, can’t remember donating any money other than the thousands he dropped at the various bars inside the Denver Center.

Moody is the best-selling author of five mysteries set in the world of professional cycling, “Two Wheels,” “Perfect Circles,” “Derailleur,” “Deadroll,” and “Dead Air,” all published by VeloPress in the United States and Germany. He’s as popular in Germany as David Hasselhoff, Paula “Abdu” and that guy Screech from “Saved by the Bell.”

Amazingly, Moody is married to a beautiful woman, referred to by her friends as “Poor Girl” and intends to remain so, at least until she comes to her senses. He has two children, who love, respect and ignore him depending on their current financial needs, two dogs, one rat and two cats who are convinced his head is a cat bed. Moody lives a single level life in a split level home on multiple planes of reality. Someday, he hopes to travel into the eastern plains of Colorado in the hopes of discovering the fate of his older brother “Booger,” who left the Conestoga wagon in which he was riding to “pet the big kitty” he saw hiding in the grass.

Friday, April 26, 2013 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm Cocktails & Viewing of Entries; 7:00 pm Dinner; 8:00 pm Awards; 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm AfterParty


Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, 1000 14th St, Denver, 80202

14th & Curtis in the DCPA Complex

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  • Individuals: $95
  • Corporate Tables for 10: $900


Deadline: 4/22/2013
Maximum Attendees: 300

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