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Emotional Intelligence for Sales Sucess

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Sucess

American companies spend roughly $20 billion on sales training each year. With so much invested, you would expect every salesperson and organization to be hitting their goals. Yet, sales continue to be a problem for many organizations.

Take a quick look at how EI skills impact sales results:

  • Top producers practice delayed gratification skills and prospect-- even when they don't feel like it
  • Low self-confidence is at work when you hesitate to call on the C-Suite
  • Caving during tough negotiations is usually the result of poor emotion management
  • Impulse control and reality testing help you talk less, listen more and close bigger deals
  • Assertiveness skills can turn customer relationships from vendor-ships to partnerships

You don't need one more book on how to sell. You do need this book to make all the others – and all your training – work for you.

Don't let the "soft" in "soft skills" fool you. The results you will achieve by igniting and developing your Emotional Intelligence are anything but soft.

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